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Caring For Your Matte Black Tapware

Matte black tapware is a popular trend that is sure to make a bold statement in any modern bathroom. In order to keep your black tapware looking its finest, there are a few things you need to know about caring for it.

The best cleaner to use for your tapware is warm, soapy water or a ph balanced soap-based cleanser. You can apply this with a soft damp cloth. We recommend using a microfiber cloth as these won't scratch your matte black tapware.

Always wipe your taps and fixtures down after each use to prevent mineral build up and water spotting.Clean from top to bottom of tap gently, with minimal scrubbing and without too much elbow grease.

You should always check the manufacturer's care instructions before starting any cleaning on your tapware.




Following these simple cleaning steps will keep your matte black tapware looking pristine and stylish for years to come.


Matte black tapware and fixtures have a rough surface that refracts and reflects light to give it a matte appearance, which means that the surface is prone to damage if not cared for properly. 


  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners, ammoniated products, rubbing alcohol, detergents, astringents, bleached based cleaners, aggressive chemicals, abrasive cleaning pads, or harsh polishes.
  • Don't let soap scum or toothpaste  build up on your tapware, as this will wear away the matte black finish.
  • Dusty makeup particles will cause matte black taps to look a little cloudy if they get on your taps so you need to wipe them away immediately. It's a good idea to have a microfiber cloth on hand in case this happens. 
  • Lastly, when installing your matte black tapware and fixtures take extra care as damage usually occurs during the installation stage.